Cloud migration

Legacy projects, Monolith systems, and off-the-shelf software can all stifle innovation. When all the functional parts of your business infrastructure are tied together and cemented, it can be difficult to adapt to change.

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The legacy problem

Legacy applications become outdated because, as the software's entropy increases, maintenance and updates become more time consuming and expensive. To escape from these limits on your growth and digital transformation, you will need a legacy migration.

The cloud solution

Cloud migration modernises legacy applications and databases by moving them to the cloud. Cloud applications hold a number of advantages over legacy systems, including costs and scalability.

Data migration

This is the transference of the data itself. This process can be difficult considering over the years it may have been updated and manipulated by many developers—foreign keys will be missing, it won't be 3rd normal form, columns will be incorrectly named. WorkingMouse's systematic mapping tools simplifies data migration.

Migrating with Codebots

Our Codebots platform is perfectly suited to cloud migration projects. They perform model-to-model (M2M) transformations which replicates the structure of a legacy application, into a cloud app.

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